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Have thought to do a little blog about my car projects. An Opel Calibra Turbo which I based on the four-wheel drive to rear wheel drive. This is partly because the four-wheel drive can not handle power from the engine but also to RWD is so much more fun.

Version 3.0, now it begins...

The rebuildPosted by CONMAN Mon, March 18, 2013 21:15:54
Now finally it's time to start the project, rebuild my Opel Calibra Turbo to just rear wheel operation. It may sound easy, just "shrug" drive shafts front, but really so smooth, it is not.

Calibran is constructed with a transverse engine that sends power to a 6-speed transmission on the side of the engine, from the power goes directly to the front wheel on the driver's side (left side).

The second output shaft goes into a distribution box that sends the power to the front right wheel, but the distribution box can also send power back to the rear wheels. This occurs when necessary, for example, if the front wheels slip.

This design is not very strong, there are those who run down the distribution box with original effect.

My plan is therefore to rotate the motor 90 degrees, so it is mounted along plus mount another transmission. So it was just to start dismantling the engine, transmission, transfer case, drive shafts and cardan.