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Have thought to do a little blog about my car projects. An Opel Calibra Turbo which I based on the four-wheel drive to rear wheel drive. This is partly because the four-wheel drive can not handle power from the engine but also to RWD is so much more fun.

Version 3.0, more new parts for the engine ...

The rebuildPosted by CONMAN Wed, March 20, 2013 21:19:24

It is not just the body and drivetrain to be built, a new engine is also on the schedule. We begin with some parts.

Balanced and polished c20xe crank, balanced c20xe flywheel with Tilton 3-disc clutch. Cometic head gasket, ARP bolts to the crank, top and flywheel, Glyko frame and crank bearings, z20let oil pump with modified oil pickup. H-profile connecting rods with ARP bolts, cams from dis c20xe and Wössner 86mm pistons and Electric servo from volvo.