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Have thought to do a little blog about my car projects. An Opel Calibra Turbo which I based on the four-wheel drive to rear wheel drive. This is partly because the four-wheel drive can not handle power from the engine but also to RWD is so much more fun.

Version 3.0, new engine built ...

The rebuildPosted by CONMAN Wed, March 20, 2013 21:24:25

Then when all the elements come to the engine so it was time to assemble it.

First, we have a washed, inspected, painted engine blocks. Mounted on the polished crank, with glyco bearings. Then where the oil pump, rods, pistons and new seals everywhere.

Here you can see the extra holes for the cooling water.

Drilled even new cooling holes in the top. Cleaned the head very carefully before it was mounted on the block.

Version 3.0, more new parts for the engine ...

The rebuildPosted by CONMAN Wed, March 20, 2013 21:19:24

It is not just the body and drivetrain to be built, a new engine is also on the schedule. We begin with some parts.

Balanced and polished c20xe crank, balanced c20xe flywheel with Tilton 3-disc clutch. Cometic head gasket, ARP bolts to the crank, top and flywheel, Glyko frame and crank bearings, z20let oil pump with modified oil pickup. H-profile connecting rods with ARP bolts, cams from dis c20xe and Wössner 86mm pistons and Electric servo from volvo.

Version 3.0, engine and gearbox mounts ...

The rebuildPosted by CONMAN Wed, March 20, 2013 21:15:58

Time for engine mounts and mounts to the transmission.

The gearbox is a ZF box from BMW, the sweep is welded to suit the engine. I use an empty old engine block in the manufacture of brackets.

Version 3.0, new parts...

The rebuildPosted by CONMAN Mon, March 18, 2013 21:33:52

In a project like this so waiting is always on parts,

here are some pictures of the parts that come home.

Intercooler and two dump valves, water cooler and two cooling fans, VEMS instrument for exhaust temp and broadband lambda, Polyurethane bushings for rear suspension bridge, standing pedals with three cylinders (clutch and separate rear o the front brake) and finally one Nira i3 + controllers.

Version 3.0, time for driveshafts front and rear diff ...

The rebuildPosted by CONMAN Mon, March 18, 2013 21:30:03
After cage construction, it was time to mount a different rear diff, original is a bit too weak so the choice fell on a diff from an Opel Omega 3000th It fits in the original rear suspension bridge, so I sanded and painted the bridge. Diff mounted in the bridge and then up to the bridge on the body.

I shared the driving piles up and let the outer part remain. It keeps the wheel bearing in place. Here you can see my SAAB 9-5 Aero front brakes, will be replaced with D2 330mm discs and ok.

Version 3.0, the cage is ready ...

The rebuildPosted by CONMAN Mon, March 18, 2013 21:22:59
Now here is a proper cage in the car smiley

Version 3.0, ready for cage construction ...

The rebuildPosted by CONMAN Mon, March 18, 2013 21:20:12
The body gutted, next step is to weld the cage ...

Version 3.0, dismantle all the electricity ...

The rebuildPosted by CONMAN Mon, March 18, 2013 21:18:29
The next step after I mounted the engine, transmission, etc. were tearing out of every cable in the car. These 90's cars are packed with features electric, alarm, elrutor, central locking etc. It pretty much every cable you got from the body.

Baldo 8 months old helps me with insulation smiley

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